The clients that MPact has connected with Edible Orlando aren't just advertisers, they're marketing partners. MPact has worked with us since 2010 to find creative ways to promote those partners via an array of marketing initiatives, including high community events that help us meet our readers in a carefully curated environment that optimizes our brand as well as our client's. 


Kendra Lott | Publisher

Edible Orlando Magazine




To the extent that my website, ScottJosephOrlando.com, is a success -- and I'm happy to say that it is -- it is in no small part due to Nicole Spooner. As the sole authorized marketing representative for SJO, Nicole assures that the site is well populated by qualified advertisers who would benefit from being placed in front of my readers. She is constantly in communication with me, and once we discuss a plan, I never have to follow up with a reminder -- I know it will be done, and done well. It’s possible that the site could go on without her help, but I wouldn’t want to try.

Scott Joseph | Food Critic

Scott Joseph Orlando

Nicole and MPact have become our most important strategic partner in the digital space.  Their portfolio of partners – Scott Joseph, Orlando Date Night and Edible Orlando – are the best and most influential in the Orlando area and provide critical support in marketing our restaurant brands.  Over the past two years, our relationship has grown because MPact has come to us with ideas that have improved the effectiveness of our media spend.  Nicole is a true partner to TR Fire Grill and Tony Roma’s, and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future! 


Jim Rogers | Chief Marketing Officer

Tony Roma's, TR Fire Grill

Nicole Spooner was connected to our committee, Florida Hospital’s Gourmet Soiree by a few of our other committee members and quickly became an asset to our committee. She brings many great qualities to the table with being in the industry. She has connected us to many restaurants and chefs to participate in our event through her connections and partnerships within the community.


Nicole’s background and knowledge has helped the success of our event and we are grateful of her support and dedication to Florida Hospital and Gourmet Soiree. Nicole always strives for greatness in everything she does and it shows. We love working with Nicole and hearing the creative ideas she always has to help grow our event for the better. We look forward to continuing to work with Nicole in the future and would highly recommend her skills and knowledge to anyone in the marketing, promotion, and advertising business.


Stephanie Gasparri Special Events Coordinator

Florida Hospital Foundation

Gourmet Soiree Committee

It is a pleasure working with you on Taste of the Nation. Your energy and commitment to the No Kid Hungry cause is both infectious and contagious, to those around you. Having volunteered with you on other charity events, Fl. Hospital Gourmet Soiree and The Cattle Barons' Ball, shows your commitment to our community.


Bill Sullivan Co-chair Taste of the Nation

I Wanna Ice Cream Distributors

and Three2Oh Liquid Nitrogen Systems